[Podcast] Colorado In Common talks to Tim Jones of ISSAC Corp. about Data Analytics

Colorado In Common recently talked to Tim Jones, CEO and Founder of Issac (Innovative Scientific Solutions & Analytics Corporation, http://www.issaccorp.com),  headquartered in Colorado Springs with a satellite office in Huntsville, Alabama.
Jones talked about his market, his company and his company’s work in Advanced Data Analytics in Pancreatic Cancer research. Jones started the company as a bootstrapped entity, providing systems of systems engineering and supporting DoD contracts.

Issac has grown to add products to a previously service-based company. With a team of experts, they’ve developed a proprietary Advanced Data Analytics tool, VŌR™, that is being used in several vertical sectors including analysis of transportation systems (over the road trucking) and medical research data.

In the podcast, we talk about the unique findings that Issac has had by focusing its tool on medical research. With a keen eye for finding and developing talent, Jones has grown Issac to include 21 full-time employees in Colorado Springs and Huntsville, Alabama.
Listen to our podcast to find out more about how Issac is quickly becoming noticed in the market for its VŌR™ tool and research.


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