My Personal Learning Network

The term Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a relatively new term to me, but not a new concept. I’ve had a very strong network, in person, and online, for many years, something I built organically starting in 2011 with focus on connecting with people I felt I could learn from.

My network includes people I follow, Blogs and Content I Follow and sites that I find interesting and related to my field! Part of my network is connected to places I’ve worked, courses I’ve taken, or events I’ve attended. If you see someone or something that’s useful to you, add it, or connect to them!

People I Follow

This list is a work in progress. Many of these amazing people are my connections from the TLDCast and TLDC18 (the very recent conference held in Phoenix). This group has been the single most influential group for me in how I think about and look at adult learning and my career. After so many months of surrounding myself with their wise (and sometimes wise-guy) thoughts, I’ve come to think of many of these people as my friends…and cohorts.

And I have so many people left to add to this list!


Brent Schlenker

Friend, founder of TLDCast/Chat/Conference, Community Manager at DominKnow
Brent is someone who changed my life in the L&D world. #BeLikeBrent

Craig Sybert

Friend, Instructional Designer

Cara North

Friend, Instructional Designer at Ohio State; PhD student

Luis Malbas

Friend, Dad, Husband, Tech & Event Geek, Songwriter, Dubnation, Co-Founder #TLDCast/Chat/Conference

Dr. Alec Couros

Social Media Acquaintance and Amazing Person I Follow (and I’m followed by him!) Professor of #edtech & #media, #education researcher, #consultant, #connected educator, keynote #speaker #open scholar, and father of 4 amazing children!

Katie Stroud

Learning and Development Guru who loves the art of Story! Owner of #RevThebike