Blogs and Content I Follow

These are blogs and podcasts I follow in my own learning journey.

Content Matters Podcast with Andy Crestodina

I have a passion for content marketing and its connection to learning, particularly in the social network. All content is learning for someone! And instructional designers are naturally curious and seemingly always ready to learn! I had the honor of doing an interview with Andy Crestodina, a Co-host on The Content Matters podcast and for the Orbit Media Blog.

Mel’s Learning Lab

Melissa Milloway is an Instructional Designer with Amazon who is known for her curiosity and willingness to share her journey in instructional design. I particularly liked this piece on her site that focuses on Designing for Learning.

Sir Ken Robinson

There is no one in the public eye (in my opinion) who more fully embraces the idea that creativity is the “basecamp” for effective learning. Sir Ken Robinson talks about that creativity (or the crushing of it) in our schools and advocates for creativity in learning in our workplaces.

Be sure and listen to one of Sir Ken’s inspiring Ted Talks if you have a minute.
How to Escape Education’s Death Valley-Sir Ken Robinson

The Catalyst Sale Podcast

My friend and former work comrade, Mike Simmons, has hit one out of the park with his Sales Enablement Podcast. He’s engaged with terrific guests with some terrific topics. Think a sales podcast is not for you? Guess again. His podcast calls sales a “thinking process.” I call the Catalyst Sale Podcast a lesson in understanding your customer, no matter what your role.


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