About Me

Toddi_01 (1)Welcome to my personal portfolio site. I am working on my Master’s degree at the University of Colorado-Denver, in Information and Learning Technologies. I am a passionate but “accidental” learning developer. But I love what I do and spend time every day learning more about how learning happens for people: students, employees, organizations.

I began my adult life at Colorado State University where I got a degree in Technical Writing, then married my best friend, Kevin Norum, 30 years ago.

Our 29th Anniversary Renewal-because we could!

I pursued many passions: writing, my career, jazz music, photography, pet rescue and being the best (career) mom to my kids that I could be.

We traversed the country, spending the most years in a farm community in Massachusetts, where my children were raised and where I worked primarily as a lead trainer for the DoD on several projects, including as a project lead for the Army SUGV robotics training program for iRobot.

My children proudly told their friends that I was a spy! I did spend quite a bit of time on Army posts!

I later filled in career gaps and learned more about learning development and innovation companies, working with such notables as edX and Babson College.

My journey eventually took me home to Colorado a couple of years ago, which is a good thing. My whole family is here and my daughter attends school in Oregon. My son is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. The airfares from here to there are cheap and I love Oregon and bought a Los Angeles property, which makes me now a part-time Californian.


I’ve helped produced documentary film projects, I’m still a music hound, I consult with some enterprise companies. I’m avid podcast listener and interviewer, a writer, and I’m a volunteer with the National WWI Aviation museum.

I run and ride my bike and I lift weights. Because I can, I take tons of Colorado Sunset Pictures.

I love my crazy family, friends and five rescue dogs!