I Miss My Tribe


When recently asked, I didn’t have to think even two seconds about the concept of my learning “tribe” with respect to Network Learning Spaces, but the concept didn’t come about with respect to my classes or volunteer efforts.

Instead, I found myself instantly entrenched in the idea of the “tribe” I’ve become part of with the Training Learning and Development Cast, tldc.us.  We hold daily interactions in a cast, we have a Slack channel for continued discussions, we have a podcast, we hold text chats, we connect to each other on Twitter, and we meet each other in person when we can. And many of us call each other friends, peers, and mentors because we are.

I “met” the group officially about a year ago, after being invited to speak as a guest. I immediately immersed myself among this amazing group of my peers in adult learning and instantly found myself “home.”  Then, I met a few of the members in person at ATD International last year, (Sam Rogers and Matt Pierce) and found myself hooked.


Never before had I encountered a group that was so much like me in their experience and passion for adult learning, and helping each other.

And quite frankly, never have I learned so much from my peers. Before meeting my “peeps” in TLDC, I always thought of myself as alone in my craft. After all, I’d always worked alone!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been super busy, immersed in the proverbial “drinking from the firehouse” onboarding process of a new job. And this week, I’m on vacation in LA.

But if you ask what I miss most about my days now, I’ll tell you that it is my incredible group of peers from the TLDCast, a group that is not just virtual to me, but very real, and very important to my edification and development of my craft.

I hope to get back to more regular interaction with my group; I guested a couple of weeks ago on a panel discussion.

But TLDC friends, know that I miss you, and know that I’ll soon find a way to get back.

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