Wow, What a Feeling!


TLDC18 — I heard it described by NewElearning blogger, Dave Lee, as “Wow, what a feeling!”

Early this year, I was invited to join an organic Learning and Development professional group founded by Brent Schlenker and Luis Malbas. We hold daily live videocasts! Every day!

On some days, we talk about issues that affect our business. On other days, we have amazing guest speakers that herald from our industry.

Since we started, we’ve added a “chat” for our group in Slack and held an amazing conference for two days in Phoenix this week at the Galvanize Co-Working Space.  We also have a podcast and all of our presentations are being put online for replay!

Our conference was top-notch and our group of peers learned from our guests, and from each other, in what we called the “hallway” conversations.

Most of us had never met in person before but you’d never have known that. We formed our camaraderie online, then followed up with the real deal. We formed real connections and friendships with the folks we’ve come to know online. I think we’ve proved that “community” can be created virtually, but is best served with opportunities for real life engagement.

We have a terrific cross-section of practitioners who are willing to share, give and ask for feedback on their daily Learning and Development interactions and work.

For me, its an enigma. My 2017 was characterized by the development of genuine friendships from online interactions, both via TLDC and my remote work team. Considering the fact that I barely know anyone in my new town, the connections have become vital.

If you haven’t found us yet, be sure to tune in for an episode with us, where genuine Learning and Development professionals are dedicated to helping each other grow!